Promax Xtreme Video Stabilizing System, for Camcorders up to 8 Lbs.

Best reviews of Promax Xtreme Video Stabilizing System, for Camcorders up to 8 Lbs.

  • Top Ten Reason to Purchase a SteadyTracker:
  • 1- Dreamy floating motion shots opens up a new dimension of shooting style.High impact,dramatic,& artistic results always get comments.The 3-axis balance,extended mass,& inertia,takes out unprofessional camera shakes,bumps & wobbles without taking away control.(Balance means nothing without control Lets you smoothly move the camera,just like Pro’s
  • 2- Easiest to set up With the twist of one knob the camera is on or off the top of the SteadyTracker. Optional universal stage mounts to tripod.
  • 3- Easiest to Balance Uses sliding adjustments, no weights to mess with. Also easiest to rebalance after adding or removing accessories.
  • 4- Easiest to use Less than 5 second learning curve. Its kind of like aiming a gun, it shoots where you point it, and it stays there without wandering off on its own. It takes less than 7 minutes to set-up, balance and use! (Proven on the included video tape)

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This lightweight steady device is easy to operate while taking amazing footage. The SteadyTracker Extreme gives you the ability to shoot subject matter that is impossible to shoot otherwise. Take amazing footage as you walk, run, travel upstairs, or even out of a moving car. Expand the creativity of your production by engaging the viewers when making them a part of the action. The competition can fly, pan, boom, and tilt but there is no control of the device during these moves. This is what sets the SteadyTracker apart from the others, with the SteadyTracker you can accelerate and decelerate when panning, quickly start/stop, reverse directions while flying, tilt smoothly at the start or end of a boom, or dutch off the axis during a flying move. The SteadyTrackers have been designed for handheld use, body supported use, and self supported use. When hand held smoothly circle around your subject, dutching, booming, and tilting on the fly, changing angles and framing just like in music videos. You can do chase scenes, go up and down stairs, jump off walls, go over picnic tables, follow people in cars, shoot weddings, receptions, love stories, sports, documentaries, choirs, plays, etc. When body mounted it rests on your leg letting you zoom and focus with a heads up position with both eyes free to monitor or look for new scenes. Pull it up to your body with your eye against the viewfinder for traditional zooming style shots. Lift it up on your shoulder a

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Promax Xtreme Video Stabilizing System, for Camcorders up to 8 Lbs.